What Makes Our School Different?

Founded by acclaimed piano soloist Gabriele Baldocci, our school believes that anyone can develop exceptional skill at the piano. Whether you or your child are joining us with 10 years of playing experience or none whatsoever, we would sincerely enjoy to teach you how to play the piano.

Unique learning plans

Our piano instructors, each an active concert pianist, have prepared thousands of lessons and masterclasses. That equips us to create a unique learning plan based on every individual student’s needs, choose appropriate music and exercises to suit your musical interests, and help you forge your music education as quickly as possible.

Experienced piano teachers

Please fill out the form or give us a call at your earliest convenience – with some practice and our experienced piano teachers, you’ll play your favorite piano music sooner than you thought possible.

    Meet The Founder

    Gabriele Baldocci is a pianist, professor at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music in London, founder of the London Piano Centre, and founder of the Milton Keynes Music Academy. After taking his music degree at the Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome and winning several international Piano Competitions, he began his career as a piano soloist and chamber musician in the world’s most important musical centres. He is known worldwide for his improvisations in different musical styles, his sight reading skills and piano performance with Martha Argerich, and he works as an official Ambassador of her Martha Argerich Presents Project. Gabriele selects every single piano faculty member of the Piano Centre in order to provide the best musical knowledge the school can offer.

    London piano teachers Gabriele Baldocci

    What People Are Saying

    “Working with Gabriele Baldocci has been a truly inspiring experience. His exceptional talent, dedication, and passion for music are evident in every performance and lesson he gives. The London Piano Centre, under his direction, offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to learn from one of the finest pianists in the world. Gabriele’s expertise and his elite team of instructors create an environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential. I wholeheartedly recommend the London Piano Centre for anyone seeking top-tier piano education.”

    -Martha Argerich, international performing artist

    “I was privileged to have Gabriele Baldocci as a piano teacher for three years and I must say that every lesson felt like opening a treasure chest full of technical and musical gems. It is wonderful to see that Gabriele and his staff are now generously sharing this invaluable knowledge to a broad range of students. The Piano Centre will be changing many lives and forming the next generation of enthusiastic musicians.”

    -Alicia C.

    Searching for “Piano Lessons Near Me” in London?

    Our music school is conveniently located at Blüthner Piano Center at 6 Baker Street, Portman Sq. London, right in the heart of Marylebone. Piano lessons London place you in close proximity to the Abercorn School, Portland Place School, Francis Holland School, and the Wetherby Senior School, and if you’d like to take place of nearby coffee shops and cafes while you’re in the neighborhood, you have the Monocle Cafe, Romo Coffe, and more at your disposal.

    The best location for your lessons

    We are just a brief walk from Mayfair, Fitzrovia, Paddington, and Regent’s Park, and you can comfortably commute from Westminster, Belgravia, Kensington, Bayswater, and the entire surrounding area as well. Additionally, our piano studio is two blocks removed from Marble Arch Station; there are numerous bus stops surrounding Portman Square. If you are looking for exceptional piano lessons in Westminster, piano lessons in Kensington, piano lessons in Chelsea, or London piano tuition right here in the Marylebone area, please get in touch.

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    Piano Tuition For All Ages & Skill Levels

    Piano Lessons For Adults

    Adults bring a unique set of needs to the piano; you likely have more tension in your hands than younger students, you probably have highly defined musical goals, and you may be looking for a piano teacher as a way to relieve the stress of professional life. Many of our current students are adult professionals who started from absolutely zero knowledge of how to play the piano and surprised us with exceptional piano performances during the school concerts of our piano academy.

    Incredible Accomplishments

    We appreciate the challenges of learning the piano in adulthood for the first time; whether you are an amateur looking for piano lessons for adults in London, or a beginner looking to get started at the keyboard, we would love to be your music lessons provider. If you love music, do not feel discouraged by the fact that you did not learn it as a child – you can still do it (and, in fact, is a great thing to do!). Contact us today and let us arrange your trial piano lesson.

    piano lessons for adults in London
    piano lessons for kids in London

    Piano Lessons For Children

    If your child has shown an affinity for music or the piano, we would be happy to schedule a consultation lesson. Whether the student is a complete beginner who chooses to pursue serious piano playing through school and university, or simply enjoy the piano as part of a holistic education, our piano tutors imbue young students with a sense of musicianship and music interpretation that they can use throughout life. 

    Music is our way of life

    The way our piano faculty motivate our young students is by building up a natural love of piano and music, together with a strong foundation in music theory, sight reading and technique as well. We love music and, being aware of its importance in the development of a young person’s life, we do everything we can to inspire and motivate our students to feel the same love, which will accompany them for life. Because – we believe – music IS life. 

    Please reach us online for more information about piano lessons for children in London.

    Beginner Lessons

    The piano can be a daunting instrument, but you are in good hands with our skilled music faculty. We will make sure you have a strong foundation before moving on to advanced concepts, and if you commit to regular practice, you will see results in short order. There’s nothing more rewarding than feeling the warmth of an audience during a piano performance. And, by learning the piano in London with us, it can absolutely be done – please contact us and arrange your first music lesson today.

    beginner piano lessons in london
    advanced piano lessons in london

    Advanced Piano Coaching

    Are you an advanced pianist preparing repertoire for auditions, recitals, or shows? Whether you are preparing a Chopin concerto or Bach Prelude and Fugue, our faculty has likely performed it – and we would love to help you realize your musical potential. Contact us for professional artist development today.

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    Our Piano Teachers & Teaching Style

    Qualified Professors

    Our teachers prepare nearly 1,000 lessons each year at the top ranking academic institutions in the United Kingdom, but perhaps more importantly, each of them is an active performing musician. Gabriele Baldocci, and his team of teaching artists, play in the world’s premiere concert halls, and we will pass that experience, knowledge, and level of musical interpretation on to all our students, whether they are absolute beginners or accomplished professionals.

    the best piano teachers in london
    London piano tuition

    Adaptive, Personalised Teaching

    We adapt our methods to the level, age, and personality of our students, so their motivation stays high and their playing can blossom. Your piano playing goals are our own, and we realize that no two piano students are the same; our teachers will craft the perfect curriculum for your needs so you will be able to play piano the way you always wanted.

    Fundamental-Focused Piano Lessons London

    Are you thinking to start taking piano lessons in London today? Well, you found the right place! By contacting us for a trial piano lesson, we will assign you the right piano teacher for your needs. Starting with note reading and basic music theory, your music teacher will equip you with a strong core of knowledge. We make sure all of our students play injury-free with a healthy technique, and our London piano teachers will also equip you to pursue popular music genres like jazz, rock, and pop.

    London piano lessons

    Meet The Faculty

    Learn On a State-Of-The-Art Blüthner Piano

    Our studio is located within the Blüthner piano facility in London, and as a result, your lessons will be held on a beautiful Blüthner keyboard. All our students enjoy a gorgeous tone and professional action — there’s no better way to learn.

    Piano Lesson Cost + Billing

    Our piano courses in London are billed monthly, payable by card through our online secure platform. On our students portal, you can view your past invoices and payments online any time. No hidden fees or extras. Our piano centre offers piano lessons in person as well as online piano lessons. One to one piano lessons slots are either 30 or 60 minutes long (prices vary according to that) and every student is given the opportunity to perform in a public concert every year.

    See Our Rates

    Classical Piano Lessons London + Rock and Pop

    Gabriele Baldocci does more than enjoy many genres of music – he participates in them. While he is well known around the world for his classical artistry at the keyboard, Gabriele has arranged, produced, and recorded Sheer Piano Attack, a piano tribute album to the band Queen, and recorded a rock album with The Gift. 

    Learning any style

    Whether you want to become a classical or jazz pianist, or take pop and rock piano lessons in London, our team of professional pianists will help you grow your skills and appreciation of music.

    A pianist seen performing from behind

    Piano Teachers London: Learn from Exceptional Piano Soloists

    Piano lessons london

    At our school, all of our piano tutors are active concert pianists. Our instructors have the knowledge and expertise to guide you at every stage of your development – from novice who need to learn how to read music to advanced students. Chosen personally by Gabriele Baldocci, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from some of the most acclaimed London piano teachers to receive the most exceptional piano lessons London has to offer.

    ARBSM exams preparation

    Whether you or your child is just starting out on their music lessons, you were working with other piano teachers and looking to take their playing to the next level, or you want to prepare for your ABRSM exams and get high marks, we warmly invite you to experience exceptional tuition in our piano academy!

    Learn music theory through performing

    Do you want to learn how to play the piano and understand music theory at the same time? Our experienced pianists strive to help our piano students develop a strong foundation in music theory while performing exciting pieces that bring out your musical expression. 

    Comprehensive learning

    With our private lessons given by our piano teachers in London, we will ensure that you get the most comprehensive and effective lessons available in town! Piano lessons London have never been more enjoyable. We pride ourselves on providing inspiring, engaging and tailored private piano lessons for all abilities in a warm and welcoming piano academy.



    Learning the fundamentals


    From sight reading to learning written music, we have the right music teacher for you, which will introduce you to concepts such as: key signatures, time signatures, accidentals, expression signs. 

    From Hobby to Profession

    You will be able to read music and practice effectively (even when you’ll be alone in your own home) from your very first lesson. What will begin as a new hobby, if you are an absolute beginner, might then become one of your main occupations (and an entire new world to explore) within just a few months if you start learning in our piano academy. 

    So come join our team of talented musicians and experience the joy of playing classical piano, jazz piano or any other musical style with our amazing piano courses.

    Piano Lessons FAQs

    Is a Piano Instructor Really Necessary?

    Yes, if you wish to reach an advanced level of piano playing, you will benefit immensely from a skilled piano teacher in London. Our piano teachers have performed across the world, studied with the world’s greatest pianists, and spent decades refining their craft. Furthermore, you will progress faster when you have to present your practice material to a teacher and learn to play on a weekly basis; nobody is checking in on you if you use an app to learn the piano, but if you attend a piano academy, you will feel a healthy amount of pressure.

    Can I Expect Noticeable Progress Right Away?

    Whether you are a beginner that wants to receive his first jazz piano lesson or an experienced instrumentalist that is looking for classical piano lessons, yes, you will start moving in the right direction in your first trial in our piano academy. If you have been working on intermediate or advanced repertoire already, our piano instructors will help you perfect that music and get it to a performance level starting in lesson one. If you are beginner, we’ll make sure you leave your piano class each week with a new concept or skill to practise at home. Of course, your improvement is contingent on your dedication to rehearsing at home – even if you take the most exceptional piano lessons, if you only learn to play the piano during your lessons with your piano teacher, you won’t improve.

    Do I Need A Grand or Acoustic Piano At Home?

    No, but you do need at least an 88 key digital keyboard that you can work with on your own. Preferably, if you do have a digital piano, the keys will be weighted. Nothing can match the sound and feel of a grand piano, but urban living doesn’t often allow for a large instrument, and modern digital pianos can be excellent instruments. If you are looking to take rock piano lessons or want to learn jazz piano, a digital piano might be good for you forever. However, if your goal is to play classical pieces, an acoustic piano will be necessary to unleash your full musical potential. Playing piano is a lifelong commitment and your instrument will become your most faithful companion, so we cannot recommend enough to choose it wisely. The team of piano instructors of our piano academy will be more than happy to facilitate the choice and guide you through various options and find the right fit for your individual needs.

    More Questions?

    If you have more questions for Gabriele about music education or learning to play at our Piano Centre, please contact us to arrange a trial piano lesson! We look forward to working with you around your individual needs, build your piano technique, and help you improve your musical knowledge.