Live Online Piano Lessons Via Skype

Are you turning to online piano lessons as a result of the public health crisis, or does online learning fit your lifestyle either way? We are happy to offer piano lessons online at the London Piano Centre, and you can connect with us via Skype, FaceTime, or other video chat software if need be. You don’t need a large set of expensive equipment, and you’ll find that you can learn just as much from our professional instructors online as you would in person.

If you are interested in scheduling a trial lesson or phone call, please fill out the contact form – we would be happy to hear from you.

How To Set Up Skype Piano Lessons

The first step is to create a Skype account and connect with the London Piano Centre (we will provide you with a username if you email us). Then, take inventory of the equipment you have at your disposal.

A smartphone is the bare minimum required for online lessons; you can use the built-in camera and microphone to connect with your teacher, and the screen should be large enough for you to observe your instructor. A laptop or tablet is certainly ideal – the screen size will help you get more out of lessons.

As far as the camera angle is concerned, you’ll need to figure out how to get a side profile that captures all of the keys, your hands, and your arms (obviously, the more the better, but keys, arms, and hands are absolutely necessary). If you wish to provide your instructor with multiple camera angles, you can connect a software program named MiniCam to Skype, and you can then attach multiple cameras to your device.

You are welcome to use the built-in webcam on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, but if you want to increase the quality by purchasing a camera or microphone from Logitech (or a similar company), we won’t complain! A tripod can also make it easier for you to find the ideal camera angle, but that is up to your discretion. Also, if you are playing advanced repertoire, we do suggest that you get a higher-quality microphone.

How Much Do Online Piano Lessons Cost

Many potential students look to online piano lessons as a cheap alternative, but at the London Piano Centre, we treat our online lessons as seriously as we treat in-person instruction. We log on promptly and work with a student the same way we would at the student. As a result, our rates are the same for online lessons as they are for in-person lessons.

You can certainly find low cost (and even free) piano lessons on Youtube, but we offer personally-tailored instruction from international performing artists. We are thrilled to offer the same quality of piano instruction online, so if you have any questions about how to sign up or apply, please get in touch.

Do Skype Piano Lessons Work?

Our Skype piano lessons function exactly like our regular lessons, so we are happy to report that yes, they do work. We will cover scales and technique, music theory, and the music you are working on, and we encourage you to engage with us and ask questions like you would in a normal lesson.

We’ll leave you with a list of elements to practise after each lesson, and if you take notes and incorporate those elements into your daily piano playing, you will see improvement. 

Other Video Chat Software Work As Well

Do you have to use Skype to make online piano lessons work? No – you are welcome to recommend the video chat software of your choice, although we think Skype is the easiest to work with for our purposes. Many people use FaceTime if they aren’t comfortable with Skype, and we are open to discussing Zoom or the video chat software of your choice.

Get Started With Online Lessons Today

You shouldn’t postpone your piano goals just because lessons at our studio aren’t an option; get started today with online piano lessons. They are interactive, effective, and well worth your time and money, and we want to help you reach your dream of playing the piano. Get in touch for more information.