Piano Lessons For Adults in London

Piano lessons for adults come with a unique set of considerations, and the professors at the London Piano Centre have the experience to help adults — beginners, intermediate students, and advanced pianists alike — reach their musical goals. If you would like to know more about our specific methodology, teaching philosophy, or piano lessons in London, please send us an email or give us a call. We would be happy to set up a trial lesson at your earliest convenience, and we would like to meet you.

What to expect from lessons depends on your musical aspirations and the experience you have accumulated, but a few principles apply regardless of your starting skill level.

Learning Piano As An Adult: What To Expect

First and most importantly, you have to commit to practicing regularly (every day is best!). Consistent practice between lessons is the only way to continue improving, and if you don’t practice, you won’t get the return on your educational investment that you were hoping for. Furthermore, consistency is more important than sheer volume; 25 minutes of practice per day will take you further than three hours of practice on only one day.

Secondly, take your teacher’s advice on technique seriously. Adult students will naturally have more tension in their hands, wrists, and arms than children, and with the amount of typing, texting, and manual labor that adults undertake, there’s no way to avoid it. That’s why it is so important that you follow your teacher’s instructions on how to play tension-free; if you do not, you may experience pain, arthritis, or even carpal tunnel in the future.

Thirdly, follow our lead and focus on the fundamentals. We want to equip you with the tools to read, interpret, and play piano music at scale, and if you are simply learning to play your favorite songs by rote via Youtube videos or by ear, your skills won’t be transferable to sight reading, picking up new music, and a number of other things.

Piano Lessons For Adult Beginners

Have you decided to begin the piano learning journey in your adulthood? Like learning to speak a language, it takes time, patience, and regular practice. However, if you can commit to these things, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish, and you will find piano to be an incredibly rewarding investment of time.

Many adults think of piano as a way to relax at home, but it’s actually much deeper than that. Grappling with a new piece of music arrests your entire attention; it isn’t always “relaxing,” per se, but you will absolutely find relief from the stress of everyday life. How can you worry about work, family life, or bills when you are fully concentrating on Bach or Chopin? It’s one of the most rewarding leisure activities you can set your mind to, and it will elevate your lifestyle.

We will work with you on the fundamentals for as long as necessary, we tailor each lesson to your unique needs, and we will certainly not rush you or ignore your questions along the way. We want to help you learn the piano, and that process looks different for everyone.

Piano Lessons For Experienced Adult Pianists

Do you have a set of piano pieces that you would like help with, or are you generally trying to raise the level of your play? You won’t find finer piano teachers in London, and our professors bring a significant amount of international performing experience to the table.

We will either assign repertoire based on your needs, or we’ll help you learn the music that you bring to us. Your goals are our goals, and we want to see your life enriched by piano playing.

How Much Do Piano Lessons For Adults Cost at London Piano Centre?

Most adults choose our 60 minutes lesson package, and here are the details:

  • 60 minute weekly lessons
  • Lesson calendar following our school calendar
  • 1 performance opportunity per year

You will work with an internationally acclaimed pianist to hone your skills, and if you are a young adult applying for conservatory or young artist programmes, we can provide a professional amount of insight.

If you are a busy individual, or you feel that you want to have shorter lessons for now, we also offer 30 minutes lessons.


  • 30 minute weekly lessons
  • Lesson calendar following our school calendar
  • 1 performance opportunity per year

If you have any questions about our piano lesson costs, please get in touch or peruse our rates page.

Piano Lessons For Adults Near Me In London

Any reasonable piano teacher for adults realizes that life is busy for working professionals, and that’s why our piano studio is conveniently located right in the heart of London. You can find us at 6 Baker Street in Marylebone at the Bluthner piano facility, and we are easily accessible by public transport, car, or by foot.

Whether you are coming from Kensington, Soho, Covent Garden, or even North London, South London, East London, or West London, we would love to meet you and sign you up for a trial lesson.

Do you have any questions about our piano lessons in London? Our piano tuition for adults is reasonably priced, and our teachers are the finest in all of London. Please reach us at your earliest convenience for more information.