Take Piano Lessons in Westminster

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Enroll in world-class piano lessons in the City of Westminster here at the London Piano Centre, where our teachers are internationally known performing artists, our educational standards are high, and we tailor each lesson to your specific needs. You will enjoy professional instruction from experts, and your musical knowledge and ability at the piano will improve. To sign up for a trial lesson (either in our studio or online), please get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you.

City of Westminster Piano Lessons for Adults and Children

We work with students of all ages at the London Piano Centre, and we are familiar with the unique challenges associated with each stage of life. Children don’t have the attention span of an adult,, and adults may have tension in their hands that children don’t suffer from. High school students have a different set of needs altogether; they may be deciding between pursuing piano as a life-long hobby or as the focus of their studies in conservatory.

On the adult side, beginners, experienced amateurs, and aspiring professionals are all welcome at our studio. We have the experience needed to coach brand new beginners and advanced pianists alike, and we would be happy to schedule a consultation piano lesson with you.

We enjoy working with the younger members of our studio as well — we build a solid musical and technical foundation for our child pianists, and we structure their learning in a holistic way that sets them up for future success.

What To Expect In Lessons

Our teachers draw from their extensive professional experience to craft lesson plans that work for your unique needs, so we encourage you to communicate with us freely about your prior experience at the piano, how certain exercises make your muscles or joints feel, or the goals you bring to lessons. We treat the piano as a long-term commitment, so if your goal is to learn a song or two and be on your way, you might be disappointed to learn that it takes longer than that to be a pianist. But we can promise that you will have actionable takeaways from each lesson, and you will see steady growth as a pianist.

We will choose level-appropriate repertoire, work on technical exercises, and discuss the interpretation and theoretical elements of piano. Our lessons are anything but one dimensional, and you will be constantly learning when you work with our professors.

Our Pricing Information

Tuition at the London Piano Centre is billed on a monthly basis, spread evenly across the 12 months of the year. Not every month has the same number of lessons, but billing will remain consistent to simplify the process for everyone involved. You will receive lessons and annual performances in accordance with the package you choose:

  • Junior
  • Standard
  • Online
  • Professional

Our Piano Studio Location in Westminster

You’ll find us at 6 Baker Street near Portman Square, so we are easily accessible to most districts within the City of Westminster. Reach us from Fitzrovia, Covent Garden, the West End, Belgravia, and more — we can be reached by car, foot, or public transit. If you have any questions about our piano studio location or piano lessons in London, please get in touch!

Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Classical Piano Lessons in Westminster

While our professors are known as touring classical pianists, they also have experience in popular music genres. If you would like to gain skill as a jazz pianist or rock keyboardist, get in touch! We are also happy to help you develop expertise in your favorite classical genres: baroque, classical, romantic, 20th century, and contemporary music are all within our comfort zone. Whether you would like to play Mozart or The Who, we would enjoy the opportunity to work with you.

Meet Our Teachers

The London Piano Centre brings together four of the world’s leading solo pianists: Gabriele Baldocci, Mikhail Kazakevich, Sergio De Simone, and David Malusa. You will learn from individuals who have played huge portions of the available piano repertoire at the highest levels, and they will be able to offer insights that few other teachers can.