Piano Movers in London: A Guide

Are you moving to a new home or music studio? Or did you simply decide to move your piano into a different room in your house? Whether you need to move your instrument across town or across your room, you need to either do a significant amount of preparation, or hire respected piano movers in London. After all, your piano may be your most prized possession; it’s never worth risking the well-being of an instrument that may be worth upwards of £100,000.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can move your piano on your own or find the right piano moving company in London. If you need a specific referral or piece of information, please get in touch, and of course, if you are interested in London piano lessons, we would be happy to schedule a trial lesson.

How To Move a Piano

Decided to try and move your grand or upright piano on your own? These tips will help you do so safely and without damage to the piano. Of course, if you think there is any risk whatsoever, you’re better off hiring a professional piano mover — the cost of repairing your piano will outweigh the money saved by not hiring a mover.

How Heavy is a Piano?

If you have a standard upright piano, you can expect roughly 136-250 kg of weight. However, if you have an older, taller upright piano (or even a player piano model, which are substantially heavier), you may be looking at a 453 kg instrument. A baby grand piano will probably be around 250 kg, and if you have a concert grand piano (about 3 meters long), it can weigh over 450 kg.

How To Move a Grand Piano

To get started, you’ll need a screwdriver or screw gun, a piano board or skid board, and a dolly capable of transporting your piano safely. You’ll also need as many friends and acquaintances as possible – it’s not a one-person job. Don’t forget to grab moving blankets and straps as well; the piano needs to be well taken care of while you move it from place to place. We also advise you to measure all doorways and hallways before you begin the move. You don’t want any surprises after you get started.

After that, remove the legs and pedals gently, and label and store them carefully so you don’t misplace the hardware. Wrap the piano, strap it to the skidboard, and move it to your desired locations. If you intend to load the piano into a truck and transport it elsewhere, we highly recommend you hire a team of professional movers.

How To Move an Upright Piano

You’ll still need plenty of moving blankets and friends to help, but moving an upright piano without professional help is more feasible than moving a grand. Don’t forget to measure your hallways and doors (the piano may need to angled as you make some turns, and if you have a particularly tall or heavy upright piano, considering hiring professionals.

Searching For “Piano Movers Near Me” in London?

Fortunately for you, there’s enough demand for piano movers that you have options in every section of London. The cost of moving a piano is reasonable, and it saves you lots of time, hassle, and cost of repairs if you damage the instrument. Our recommendation — moving a piano on your own is rarely worth the trouble!

Piano Movers in North London

The North London Piano Transport

  • 176 Millicent Grove, London N13 6HS
  • +44 20 3441 9463

This piano moving service offers a full range of services for piano owners: they will transport your piano, remove an old instrument, repair or service your piano, and store it for you. They also have professional equipment on hand, so if you’ll be moving a piano out of a tall building via crane or hoist, they can take care of that as well. They claim to have moved over 30,000 pianos, and if you’d like to find out more about pricing, give them a call – they price services on a case-by-case basis. They are insured and able to transport your piano throughout Europe.

MB Piano Store

  • 61 Swaythling Cl, London N18 2QG
  • +44 7464 437593
  • MB Piano Store handles piano removals, piano repairs, piano sales, and piano tuning. As such, you can probably trust them to take great care of your instrument. Give them a call if you need piano servicing in the Edmonton area.

MATCO Piano Transport Ltd

  • 465 Hornsey Rd, London N19 4DR
  • +44 20 7281 9555
  • Located on the border of North and Central London, MATCO will move, transport, hoist, or disassemble your piano if necessary. Contact them for a quote — their rates are available via their quote page online. MATCO transports other instruments as well, so if you have a harp, organ, or other cumbersome instrument, give them a call. They are insured and will transport your piano to other EU members.

Piano Movers in East London

Stratford Removals by Octagon

  • 10 Maitland Rd, London E15 4GH
  • +44 20 7871 9931
  • Stratford Removals is an appealing choice because they do much more than piano work — they have specific expertise in piano moving, yes, but you can also hire them to handle your entire home or business relocation if necessary. In short, they are a one-stop-shop for all of your moving and piano removal needs, so get in touch if you would like a quote.

Ilford Removals

  • Olympic House, Clements Rd, Ilford IG1 1BA
  • +44 20 3617 1657
  • When you arrive on the Ilford Removals website, you’ll probably notice that something looks familiar — that’s because they are part of the same company as Stratford Removals (listed above). As such, they offer all of the samer perks and services that Stratford does, and you can contact them for a home move, business relocation, or piano removal.

Barking Removals

  • 14 King’s Rd, Barking IG11 8FR
  • +44 20 8150 6638
  • Barking Removals bills themselves as an affordable piano moving service, and they are also owned by the same company as Ilford and Stratford removals. 

Dagenham Removals

  • Chequers Ln, Barking, Dagenham RM9 6PR,
  • Dagenham Removals is yet another branch of the moving companies owned by Octagon in East London.

Piano Movers in South London

SW Piano Movers

  • 145 Beauchamp Rd, London SE19 3DA
  • +44 20 7720 0660
  • Located in Upper Norland, SW Piano Movers have been in business for 14+ years. They are comfortable moving all keyboard instruments, they operate with all of the latest piano moving technology, and they are insured.

Express Moves

  • 116 Greyhound Ln, Streatham
  • +44 20 8677 3436
  • Call the number above to find out more information — their listed website appears to be out of commission.

Piano Movers in West London

Casey’s Removals

  • 48 Lower Richmond Rd, Putney
  • +44 20 8780 2348
  • Casey’s, in business for over a decade, serves Surrey, Kent, and London, and they offer a full list of moving services on top of piano removals. They also offer packing and storage, so if your piano needs a place to stay during your move, give them a call.

Upright Piano Movers

  • The Argent Centre, Unit 10, Hayes UB3 3BS
  • +44 20 8561 4321
  • While their title suggests an upright-only piano removalist, their website does, in fact, mention grand piano moving services as well. They are located in the Middlesex area, so if you need piano moving services in West London, get in touch.

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